1000 Pieces DIY Building Blocks Bulk Sets City Creative Classic Technic Creator Bricks Assembly Brinquedos Kids Educational Toys

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Mixed bulk building blocks

Pay attention:
The first 250g product is limited to one purchase.

Warm and friendly tips:
500g: includes four tires.
1000g: Includes four big tires, four shock absorbers, and four suspensions.
1500g: Includes 8-12 large and small tires, 4–8 shock absorbers, and 4–8 suspensions.
The following are common, and different styles contain different quantities:
Variety of gear racks, technology beams, connectors, cross shafts, panels, bolts, etc.

(1) Bulk weighing, random matching, no drawings.Please do not place an order if you are not satisfied with the product.
(2) Compatible with Lego small particles
(3) The building blocks are made of new ABS material, which is healthy and environmentally friendly, and can be used safely.
(4) Develop your imagination to a large extent.


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Light Grey, Light Green, Light Yellow, Dark Khaki, Dark Gray, Plum, Army Green, Deep Blue, Wood, Burgundy, Chocolate, Clear, Multicolor, violet, Brown, Gold, Orange, Silver, Red, White, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, Gray, Pink, Sky Blue



Age Range









32016 18654 32013 6536 32291 32184 32014 41678 48989 55615 32034 10288



Model Number

Compatible MOC Bricklink 4716 6542b 6573 6589 10928 18946 88323 24375

Block Size

Small building block Compatible with Lego

Type Number

15458 11954 64782 64681 6439

Plastic Block Shape

Self-Locking Bricks

Technic Axle

32062 4519 3705 32073 3706 3707 3708 6587 24316 87083 50450 50451

Technic Liftarm Brick

6541 3700 3894 3702 2730 3895 4217 3703

Bricks Beam

44809 92907 32015 48496 63869 32068 98989 22961

Technic Pin Connectors

32001 3738 3709 3738 64179 32009

10 reviews for 1000 Pieces DIY Building Blocks Bulk Sets City Creative Classic Technic Creator Bricks Assembly Brinquedos Kids Educational Toys

  1. unknown

    For this price is normal, we will understand what to where, delivery is fast, it’s good that at least the wheels put, thank you

  2. unknown

    There are three big bags full of building blocks. Children are very happy to play. They can build a variety of different things according to their own ideas. They are both hands-on and brainstorming, and it is very convenient to disassemble. Great

  3. unknown

    I received a big bag of the product, very cost-effective! The two children in the family are very interested in building blocks. When the product arrived home, the children played for an afternoon. Not only did they cultivate the children’s practical ability and creativity, but also let the children leave the mobile phone and TV! The color of the building blocks is various, adults and children can play together, and good parent-child interaction after a meal!

  4. unknown

    The building blocks have been received. I think the compatibility and the price are very good. It is just right to be used as a supplementary part. Great!

  5. unknown

    The child loves it and receives the product! Started to put it together, very good toy, praise!

  6. unknown

    Very good, flawless and good quality. It is suitable for the unlimited development of children’s minds. The same pile of wood can spell out many forms, which children like.

  7. unknown

    Children under the age of five can use their imagination, do whatever they want, and like to play. There is no peculiar smell in this pellet. Some of the ones I bought before are not enough. Now we have to separate the various parts and make it easier to find. Great!

  8. unknown

    The portion is generous, the styles are diverse, and the quality is good. My son likes to play very much.

  9. unknown

    All super. Although brakujÄ…cej one pack money were returned for account. Thank you sellers for quick action. Recommend salesman.

  10. unknown

    It brings variety of different pieces.. Much better than I thought. I recommend

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